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Reinking Collection
With works from approximately fifty contemporary artists along with artifacts from Africa, Oceania, and America, the exhibition presents one of the most unusual private collections in Germany. Its theme is the current perspective with regard to those artistic attitudes which concentrate upon the experience of life on an existential level and bring this focus to expression in each respective work in an impressive manner. The multiple meanings and aesthetic power of the objects and images, their auratic energy and occasional dramatic transformation point toward artistic practices which are repeatedly capable of transcending the borders of material reality in the direction of the unconscious, dreams, and death.

Exhibition | 23.05.2014 – 31.01.2015
Weserburg | Museum of Modern Art | Bremen Germany


Participating artists

Hermine Anthoine, Arman, Dan Asher, Mirosław Bałka, Victor Bonato, Boxi, William Burroughs, Baldur Burwitz, Michael Buthe, Pier Paolo Calzolari, Cesar, Wim Delvoye, Madeleine Dietz, Jimmie Durham, Henrik Eiben, Jan Fabre, Robert Filliou, Gregor Gaida, Gregory Green, Wulf Kirschner, Frantiček Klossner, Terence Koh, Toshiya Kobayashi, Alicja Kwade, Peter Land, Ange Leccia, Daniel Man, Hermann Nitsch, Cady Noland, Manuel Ocampo, Tony Oursler, Wolfgang Petrick, Robert Rauschenberg, Arne Rautenberg, Mirko Reisser (DAIM), Klaus Rinke, Ugo Rondinone, Rolf Rose, Michael Schmeichel, Dimitris Tzamouranis et al.


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Multi layered stencil acrylic and spray paint on canvas 190 x 290cm 2011



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Multi layered stencil acrylic and spray paint on canvas 190 x 270cm 2009


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Multi layered stencil and spray paint Kreuzberg Berlin 2006